Caroline Earley

Artist Statement
My work is informed by ideas of sameness, polarity, and connection. I explore both formal, and conceptual correlations through the shifting interplay of ceramic form, appendage and surface to create conversations within each form and between multiple forms. I work in series to examine the relationships between biomorphic form, human bodies and microscopic life. I am interested in iterations of shape and the potential for multiple configurations inherent in interdependent forms and systems, as well as the altering affect these have on one another.

The physicality of form, and the ways in which objects occupy and conform to space, gravity and other objects, informs both my process and conceptual strategies. I want the works to occupy an undefined space between reductive minimalist geometry and curvilinear baroque exaggeration. Vestigial appendages protrude from conjoined forms, investigating proportional relationships and the unsettled state between balance and imbalance. Brightly colored, curvilinear forms are assembled from elemental shapes, creating both tension and dialog between relational elements. The works aim to evoke a sense of the familiar and the absurd as they queer the formalist art object.